Refinancing loan and mortgage

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The exact procedure depends on the terms of the mortgage refinancing agreement.

A refinancing loan is a product for people who have taken out a mortgage. It allows refinancing and thus changes its conditions (for example, when the borrower, when buying a property, has signed a contract on terms less favorable than those currently available).

In this case, regular repayment of existing liabilities is very important. Banks are relatively willing to refinance the liabilities of borrowers with a good credit history.

Depending on the conditions


Consumers refinance their contracts as soon as the opportunity arises or after the expiry of the period in which they are required to bear the additional costs associated with early repayment of the loan. If the time of the transaction is crucial when buying a property, you may not have enough time to wait for the application to be accepted by the bank offering slightly better conditions.

Cooperation with an experienced financial advisor will allow you to prepare for such an eventuality. Increasingly, an element of the real estate financing strategy is not only a mortgage, but also the prospect of refinancing and concluding a loan agreement on more satisfactory terms.

Application for entry of a mortgage in favor of a refinancing bank


The procedure for granting a refinancing loan is similar to the way in which a loan is concluded for the purchase of an apartment or house. After accepting the loan application, the refinancing agreement is launched.

In most cases, the new bank directly repays the property owner’s obligation to the bank that financed the purchase. Based on the confirmation of the transaction, an application is made to delete the collateral for the repaid bank and to enter a new mortgage in section IV of the land and mortgage register.

Entry of a new mortgage in the land and mortgage register


An application for entry of a new mortgage and deletion of the old one may take the form of one document. To confirm the repayment of the mortgage for which removal is requested, it is worth to attach a statement confirming the settlement of the original obligation. Successful submission of the application is tantamount to establishing a mortgage for the bank refinancing a loan for the purchase of real estate or a mortgage loan.

A refinancing loan can be a great idea to reduce the interest rate and monthly installments. Some banks also provide for the option of consolidating other obligations of the borrower in a new mortgage-backed contract. In these circumstances, reducing your monthly consolidation burden can be even better. The terms of the offer should be consulted with an experienced financial advisor.