10 Most Powerful Pure Electric-Type Pokémon, Ranked


With the implementation of Pikachu as Pokemon mascot, the popularity of the electric type has become assured. Many pocket monsters have two types, which can give them offensive and defensive advantages. However, Pikachu, like many others, only has one strike. Depending on the battle situation, it can help or hurt the Pokemon.

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For Electric in particular, he has only one weakness – Ground – which makes him a reliable defensive type. On the other hand, electric attacks are only super effective against water and theft. Despite this offensive limitation, this strike can be effective in main series games, especially when a powerful Pokemon brags about it.

ten Ampharos

Watt's Ampharos in the anime

The Generation II Pure Electric Type Ampharos isn’t as powerful as it could be, but it’s still capable of it. Its lower than normal speed stat leaves it slower than many opponents, but its reasonable bulk allows it to withstand damage. He also has the static ability, which has the chance to cripple enemies that come into physical contact with him. It’s not an exceptional ability, but it can be useful.

When attacking, Ampharos is good at using special moves, of which he has a lot. However, with less impressive stats than many others, this Pokémon isn’t the best option. Mega Ampharos may be one of the less well-designed mega evolutions, but it makes Ampharos much more viable. However, he has a secondary Dragon type, which makes him ineligible as a pure electric type.

9 Eelektross

Pokemon Go Eelektross.png

All around decent, Eelektross is a reliable choice of electric type. Both her attack and special attack are quite high, giving her options against opponents who specialize in physical or special defense. With low speed, it rarely moves first, but it’s big enough to handle that.

The biggest draw of Eelektross is its levitating ability. This prevents him from being hit by most Ground-type moves, which doesn’t give Eelektross any type weaknesses. The biggest downside to using this Pokémon, however, is its limited movement pool. He can withstand a lot of damage, but without access to a variety of high-profile attacks, Eelektross lags behind other electric types.

8 Jolteon

Jolteon is a decent Pokemon that suffers from a few unfortunate weaknesses. For one thing, his special stats are high, and his speed gives him the ability to move before most opponents. On the other hand, his physical stats are quite low, which is a problem when Jolteon cannot defeat his enemies in one hit.

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Additionally, Jolteon’s move pool is lacking in the Special Department, with more physical moves than special moves via leveling up. The few special attacks he has are good, but there are few cover options. Jolteon can end battles quickly in favorable or neutral clashes, but he can easily run into trouble.

7 Luxray

One of the most popular Generation IV electric types, Luxray is also one of the most powerful. His attack stat is excellent and his Special Attack, while inferior, is also commendable. Like some other Electric types, however, Luxray’s top-level move pool isn’t as large as it could be, limiting the Pokémon a bit. Trainers may have to use valuable TMs or TRs to provide Luxray with more coverage options, but it can be worth it.

Its speed is underwhelming, allowing it to rely on its decent volume to survive. While these HP and defensive stats aren’t impressive, they can often allow Luxray to stay for multiple turns, giving him more opportunities to use his great offensive power.

6 Electric

Electric Pokémon

Added in a Pokémon generation after its previous Electabuzz evolution, Electivir was a significant improvement on the Pokémon line. Quite fast and powerful in both offensive categories, he is more than capable of defeating enemies that have high defensive stats. Having access to great physical and special moves only helps him more.

Electivire is a bit short defensively, and especially when it comes to his defense stat. While his HP and special defense aren’t great, Electivir is more comfortable using his offensive abilities to act decisively. Long battles can be difficult for Electivir, but he rarely needs much time to use his sheer strength.

5 Raikou

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A legendary Pokemon with some of the best lore in the series, Raikou is a fan favorite among the Electric types. It might not be the best Pokemon in its classification, but as a Legendary it can hold its own in battle. His specialty is to strike quickly and efficiently using his high speed and special attack.

If he can’t finish off his opponents, he can also take a decent amount of damage, especially special moves. His defense is, however, much inferior, which makes him his worst vulnerability. If he can outdo his opponents, which is not difficult for him, Raikou can be excellent.

4 Mega Electrical

Pokemon Go Mega Manectric.png

In its usual form, Manectric is no wonder compared to many electric types. It’s decent enough for early game battles, but it’s quickly outclassed by a variety of other options. However, Mancentric is much more capable in combat. It is by no means the best Mega Evolution, but it can be powerful in a gaming team. Its speed and special attack are excellent, and its defensive stats are also slightly improved.

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Unfortunately, he only learns a small number of special moves when leveling up. As with Luxray, trainers may need to use items to give it a powerful set of moves. With the right moves, however, this can be an exceptional special glass barrel.

3 Xurkitree

Zurkitree in the anime

The Electric-type Ultra Beast Xurkitree has one of the highest special attack stats in the series. While its speed isn’t that great, it’s not that amazing either. He also has underwhelming defensive stats, though they’re usually high enough to deal with multiple strikes. If he can take a hit without fainting, Xurkitree is a destructive force.

All of the special moves he learns on leveling up are Electric, which limits coverage, but until he’s faced with one type of ground, they’re enough to tear up many teams. He also has the Beast Boost ability, which further increases his Special Attack when knocking out an enemy. Enemies must either face Xurkitree quickly or deal with an absurd amount of damage.

2 Zeraora

Zeraora in a max raid battle in Sword & Shield

Extremely fast and dangerous, Zeraora is one of the best electric types. Her attack is slightly higher than her special attack, but both stats are more than capable. As such, this Pokémon can effectively use attacks like Discharge and Savage Charge, two of the most powerful electric moves, even though they fall into different categories.

Plasma Fists, its characteristic movement, is powerful and may be useful for its side effect, although this effect is only useful in the situation. Zeraora’s defensive stats and HP aren’t impressive by Mythic standards, but with his exceptional speed and powerful strikes, he often doesn’t need to take a hit.

1 Regieleki

With the highest speed currently in the franchise, Regieleki is a monster to face. He also has pretty high values ​​for his two offensive stats. This is at the cost of its Defense and Special Defense, but this Pokémon rarely needs bulk. With its signature Ability Transistor, its electric movements further increase power.

Regieleki also has access to the Magnet Rise move, which grants him temporary immunity to Ground-type moves. Although the Legendary must use a turn to activate this effect, his Speed ​​makes the action less risky. While most of his moves are electric, he can also learn several moves from other types as he leveled up, giving him more cover options. Regieleki is without a doubt one of the best Pokémon introduced in Generation VIII.

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