A first for Madrid as the city launches a comprehensive sustainability tool for meetings


The Madrid Convention Bureau (MCB) has launched its new digital platform for sustainability and social and environmental legacy – PLUS (Platform for Legacy with us). It claims to be the first Spanish city to implement a comprehensive sustainability tool for meetings and events.

This new service can generate specific reports for meetings in Madrid before they are held. In this way, their impact can be reduced from the early planning stages and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) implemented in real time.

PLUS also aims to connect event organizers with local agents, with a view to promoting positive actions that translate into lasting benefits for society from a social, environmental and cultural point of view.

PLUS will be combined with other specialized tools available through the Madrid Convention Bureau, such as its MICE Sustainability Guide.

Sustainability, heritage and positive impact are three key aspects of Madrid’s MICE tourism strategy. And, the new PLUS tool aims to integrate these three pillars in the conferences and professional events organized in the capital.

The different types of reports that can be generated by PLUS can be tailored to the specific characteristics of each event, i.e. participants, locations, type of layout and facility, catering services, etc. In addition, the platform also generates a post-meeting report. , which calculates the total CO2 emissions and, in a later phase, will propose ways to offset the impact of the event at the local level in the city of Madrid.

A major characteristic of the new service is linked to the creation of heritage, by promoting contact between event organizers and local actors (NGOs, associations, foundations, etc.) and by proposing actions to contribute to this heritage project. in the city.

Available in Spanish and English, PLUS can be used to upload all the necessary documentation into the ISO 20121 management system and to display statistics on sustainable events. It also includes a database for sustainable meetings with environmentally friendly resources, such as a list of Madrid-based providers of sustainable services and products that meet the SDGs. MCB allows all organizers and companies in charge of managing conferences and events in the capital to temporarily access the new tool. In addition, MCB will organize free training sessions for its partners, targeting DMCs and PCOs, to promote the advantages and benefits of using this digital platform.

The city’s tourism department and MCB say the initiative is part of their broader goal of consolidating Madrid’s reputation as a leading international MICE tourist destination and a sustainable, efficient and responsible city.

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