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Vehicle insurance is compulsory according to guidelines given by the Office of Roads and Transport or RTO authorities. Let’s take a close look at the two most beneficial types of auto insurance.

Insurance is the essential basis for any road vehicle. With growing awareness among vehicle users and smart dealership bundle options, insurance companies are offering a variety of options and additional insurances to choose from. Here we will discuss comprehensive insurance and collision insurance in detail.


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Back to back insurance :


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Comprehensive insurance is the one that is generally offered with new cars. Insurance protects your car from any damage to your car due to incidents that are not under your control. This includes theft, vandalism, natural disasters listed in your insurance documents. Comprehensive insurance indemnifies you for any damage caused by a third party and covers any damage caused to a third party. Unlike liability insurance, there is also a provision to take out comprehensive insurance for more than one year. Comprehensive insurance not only covers the cost of repairing the damage, but also requires the company to pay you the full original declared value or IDV in the event of total loss of the car. In some cases, with the right documents produced, property and casualty insurance also provides the owner with coverage for any physical damage that occurs during the accident. While Full Insurance covers you and your car from almost all incidents, you don’t get full coverage for damage to plastic and rubber parts. It also does not fully cover your car against damage caused by vehicle collision.

Collision insurance:


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Collision insurance is an insurance policy developed to address a major gap in comprehensive collision insurance coverage. Collision insurance pays you for any damage to your car due to a collision with another vehicle or a stationary object. Although it protects your car against the most common damages, collision insurance can only be purchased in addition to comprehensive insurance or liability insurance. Collision insurance has been increasingly considered in our country in recent years, since car rental and leasing has become popular. With seamless insurance procedures and car dealership integrations, it has become easy to get collision damage waiver as supplemental insurance coverage for your new vehicle. Collision insurance, unlike Comprehensive Zero Amortization insurance, must be purchased each year and its cost varies with age.

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