An extremely comprehensive infographic of the Nintendo Switch in 2021

It’s easy to forget January 2021

In an effort to show us how active the popular Nintendo platform has been this year, a community member has designed an infographic for the Switch in 2021.

Created by ieatdragonz, this full-featured infographic behemoth showcases all of this year’s major releases for the Switch, dating back to January. You know, this month is super easy to forget! Like this a year (2018) Dragon ball fighterz was released in January.

It’s a trip down memory lane, and it’s even color coded by Part 1, Switch Exclusive, Version Exclusive, and Console Exclusive to get a better look at the number of unique experiences. of the system.

Some strong points? I had completely forgotten that Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury was released in February. I felt like I had just seen him again! Nintendo could work on Mario 3D World 2 now.

Many other great moments of “Switch in 2021” are also obvious, such as Monster hunter rise in March, which I remember (because it’s not January!), because everyone has been talking about it all year round. Then there is Pokémon Snap at the end of April, which rang in the middle of the year before E3, as well as the surprise double release of Famicom Detective Club.

Overall it has been a fun year. Sure, Terror Metroid was to take the first place for 2021.

Chris Carter

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