Best Alcohol Delivery Services of 2022

Key specs

  • Delivery zone : 23 states
  • Shipping cost: Varies by retailer
  • Same day/next day shipping? Yes

Why should you try it
You can purchase a wide variety of beers, exclusive wines, and premium spirits, and even add a few mixers, coffee, and flowers to complete your get-together.


  • Prioritizes customer service
  • Alcohol plus mixers and add-ons
  • Can compare prices before buying

The inconvenients

  • Shipping costs vary by retailer
  • Each retailer has a minimum purchase

It’s often the extra touches that make a liquor delivery service stand out, and that’s what you’ll find with Minibar. The company offers personalized customer service accessible by phone, e-mail or SMS to improve your shopping experience. You can choose from a wide selection of brands and types of alcohol and mixers from many local retailers, allowing you to shop around to get the best deal.

Through its Vineyard Select program, you can also get exclusive wines from the country’s top vineyards delivered as part of your order. The additions also make it an ideal option when planning a get-together or a giveaway. Some retailers offer coffee, flowers, bar accessories and even caviar.

Orders within Minibar’s delivery range can arrive as quickly as 60 minutes. If you are outside of their range, orders may be shipped to arrive a few days later. You can also schedule a day and time for your delivery. Note that each retailer on the site has their own minimum purchase thresholds. Delivery and shipping costs are also set by retailers, so prices vary.

Rates and packages

  • Delivery and shipping costs vary by retailer
  • Minimum purchase orders vary by retailer

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