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Every driver in Riverside, California is required to carry auto insurance to protect their legal and financial liability in the event of an accident. Fortunately, the number of accidents in California decreased by 5.1% between 2018 and 2019, but the risk of accidents is still there. The average cost of auto insurance in Riverside is $ 739 per year for minimum coverage and $ 2,049 per year for full coverage.

Drivers who buy auto insurance in Riverside have a variety of options, but not all auto insurance companies in Riverside are created equal. We have researched to find the best auto insurance companies in Riverside using criteria such as average rate, discounts, and third party ratings.

Best Auto Insurance Companies in Riverside

California drivers can get the best auto insurance in Riverside from Wawanesa, Geico, Progressive, State Farm, and Mercury. These providers are all rated above average for overall customer satisfaction by JD Power & Assocites and have reliable coverage. Most of these providers also offer below average rates and great discounts for additional savings.

Insurance company JD Power Customer Satisfaction Score Average annual premium for minimum coverage Average annual premium for full coverage
Wawanesa 853 / 1,000 $ 641 $ 1,564
Geico 828 / 1,000 $ 536 $ 1,590
Mercury 816 / 1,000 $ 636 $ 1,659
Progressive 819 / 1,000 $ 674 $ 1,821
State farm 818 / 1,000 $ 730 $ 2,027


Wawanesa won first place in the JD Power Auto Insurance Study in the United States in 2021 for overall customer satisfaction in California. It offers some of the cheapest auto insurance in Riverside, and the company also offers a number of discounts for even more savings. Wawanesa offers discounts to good drivers, loyal customers, members of affinity groups and drivers over 55 who take a DMV approved defensive driving course in California.

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Geico is well known for being one of the cheapest insurance companies, but it is also highly regarded for its overall customer satisfaction. Geico sets itself apart with its impressive list of discounts, with savings for military personnel, emergency deployment, federal employees, affinity groups, safe drivers, vehicles with safety devices, good students and some others. One downside to Geico is that the endorsements are limited, so it’s best for drivers who need basic coverage.

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Mercury is a Los Angeles-based insurance company that offers flexible coverage and attractive discounts. There are savings for good drivers, auto pay enrollment, full premium payment, student drivers, bundling your policies and more. Mercury is also a good option for Riverside residents who rarely drive. Mercury’s mile-based rewards program, called RealDrive, can reduce your rate based on the number of miles you drive each year.

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Progressive is one of the best auto insurance companies in Riverside for drivers looking for cutting edge online tools and resources. You can use the Name Your Price tool to create a policy that fits your budget and easily compare Progressive’s prices to competitor prices on the website. Plus, Progresisve offers great discounts including a safe driver discount program called Snapshot which can help you save an average of $ 146 on your policy.

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State farm

We recommend State Farm for safe drivers and young drivers in Riverside. It is one of the only companies to offer two reward programs for safe drivers: Steer Clear for drivers under 25 and Drive Safe & Save for drivers over 25. student and more. If you want more extensive coverage, you can add road insurance, car rental coverage, or rideshare insurance to your policy.

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The cheapest auto insurance in Riverside

The average cost of auto insurance in Riverside is only slightly lower than the average rate in California, which is $ 2,065 per year. However, Riverside drivers pay significantly more for auto insurance than the average American. For comparison, the average cost of auto insurance in the United States is $ 1,674 per year for a full coverage policy.

Some auto insurance companies in Riverside are cheaper than others. In the table below, we have highlighted the cheapest auto insurance rates from the most popular companies in Riverside based on market share.

Insurance company Average annual premium for minimum coverage Average annual premium for full coverage
Geico $ 536 $ 1,590
AAA $ 556 $ 1,846
Mercury $ 636 $ 1,659
Progressive $ 674 $ 1,821
Travelers $ 680 $ 1,800

Many Riverside drivers are looking for the cheapest auto insurance in California, but it’s important to consider factors other than price. For example, if you’re looking for a company with good endorsements, check out AAA, Progressive, or Travelers, as Geico and Mercury have limited endorsements.

All of these providers offer great discounts, but the savings differ. For example, Geico is the only company on this list that offers a discount for military personnel and federal employees, while Travelers is the only supplier listed that offers special savings for owners of hybrid and electric vehicles.

Riverside Insurance Requirements

California’s auto insurance requirements are much lower than those in other states. Drivers in Riverside are required to carry at least 15/30/5 in motor liability insurance, which includes the following coverages:

  • $ 15,000 in bodily injury coverage per person
  • $ 30,000 in accidental bodily injury coverage
  • $ 5,000 in Accidental Property Damage Coverage

Choosing a minimum coverage policy means you’ll pay the lowest rate. However, it is recommended that most drivers purchase more coverage than is required.

There can be no assurance that a Riverside liability insurance policy will provide sufficient protection in the event of a at-fault accident. If the damage exceeds your policy limit, you must pay the difference out of pocket. Additionally, drivers who lease or finance their vehicle are often required to purchase comprehensive insurance until their loan is fully paid off.

Auto Insurance Discounts in Riverside

Many California auto insurance companies offer discounts that can help Riverside drivers save money on their policy. Some of the most popular auto insurance discounts include:

  • Policy bundle discount: Drivers who insure their vehicle and their home with the same insurance company can generally benefit from a significant discount.
  • Discount defensive driving course: Riverside drivers who take an approved defensive driving course can often save money on their auto insurance policy.
  • Discount without complaint: If you have no previous insurance claims on file in the past few years, most insurance companies will lower your rate.
  • Vehicle Safety Discount: Many insurance companies offer a discount if your car is equipped with security features, such as antilocks or an anti-theft device.

In addition to these discounts, Riverside drivers can also get a lower auto insurance rate by improving their credit score, which is one of the most effective ways to save money. You can also increase your deductible to get a lower monthly rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best auto insurance company?

The best auto insurance company depends on factors unique to each driver, such as where you live, how much you want to spend, and the type of coverage you need.

How much auto insurance do I need in Riverside?

Drivers in Riverside must have at least 15/30/5 auto liability insurance. However, it is a good idea to consider increasing your liability coverage limits for more protection or switching to a full coverage policy.


Bankrate uses Quadrant Information Services to analyze 2021 rates for all zip codes and carriers in all 50 states and Washington, DC Rates shown are based on a 40 year old male and female driver with a clean driving record, credit and the following comprehensive coverage limits:

  • Liability for bodily injury of $ 100,000 per person
  • $ 300,000 in civil liability for bodily injury per accident
  • Civil liability for property damage of $ 50,000 per accident
  • $ 100,000 in bodily injury caused by an uninsured motorist per person
  • $ 300,000 in uninsured bodily injury per accident to a motorist
  • $ 500 collision deductible
  • Global deductible of $ 500

To determine the minimum coverage limits, Bankrate used minimum coverage that meets the requirements of each state. Our sample drivers own a 2019 Toyota Camry, commute five days a week, and travel 12,000 miles a year.

These are sample rates and should only be used for comparison purposes. Your quotes may be different.


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