BlueSky Statistics Complete R GUI Gets Major Overhaul, Mac Version, Reproducibility, and More

BlueSky statistics version 10

“I’ve been using SPSS since 1980 and found BlueSky Statistics to be more powerful and very easy to use,” said Dr. Frank Castronova, Ph.D., Faculty, Wayne State University, USA.

BlueSky Statistics has just announced a major new release (10.0) of its comprehensive R GUI for statistics and data science. “BlueSky Statistics 10 puts even more power of R into everyone’s hands,” said Sanjay Kumar, CEO and Founder of BlueSky Statistics. “It has both the efficiency of a no-code GUI with full reproducibility for all users and an R code editor for programmers.”

BlueSky Statistics provides a Graphical User Interface (GUI) with hundreds of popular data preparation, graphing, statistics, machine learning, and model fitting methods. Additionally, BlueSky Statistics provides a powerful extensibility framework to create GUIs for any R function in minutes. Large organizations use the extensibility framework to build and deploy custom applications within departments and enterprise-wide.

BlueSky Statistics Version 10 includes the following new features:

  • Mac support (Intel chipsets and Mac M1)
  • Modernized user interface revamped to support reproducibility, a new R code editor, better locale support for opening SPSS datasets, support for publishing with different output formats, par example, HTML, MS Office, APA and LaTeX, interoperability with RStudio® for R code and R Markdown, ….
  • More statistics: MANOVA, Repeated Measures ANOVA, N Way ANOVA, Effect sizes in the t-test…
  • Better graphics: support for facets and themes
  • Robust support for model fitting and scoring

“Organizations continue to ask for more: more analytics, more graphics and extensibility. The BlueSky Statistics team listened and delivered,” said Bob Muenchen, thought leader and founder of the R4stats blog.

Feedback from the R user community on the latest release has been overwhelmingly positive. “I’ve been using SPSS since 1980 and found BlueSky Statistics to be more powerful and very easy to use. Also, I have a Mac with the M1 chipset and had no problems running the software,” said Dr. Frank Castronova, Ph.D., Faculty, Wayne State University, USA.

Adoption continues to grow in academia and other verticals. “BlueSky Statistics is an excellent statistical analysis software, it is easy to use, with many functions,” said Luca Bertolaccini from IEO, European Institute of Oncology IRCCS, Italy.

For more information, see What’s New in BlueSky Statistics 10

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