Bursting tires, colliding trees, fruit physics


Early testing of Halo Infinite continued to be a good indicator that the multiplayer feel for this installment is the best 343 so far, and perhaps the best streak has been felt since Halo 3 itself.

It has been… fun, watching the conversation around the game and seeing critics fault it. We can debate things like time to kill or card design, but some of Halo Infinite’s more “viral” reviews are just plain hilarious.

We’re a long way from the Infinite Campaign demo that pretty much everyone found pretty bad, and while we’re still waiting to see another preview of that, here’s what some people are complaining about now.

Tire physics, the idea here being that GTA games can burst flat tires, rather than Infinite’s Warthog tires that explode completely. I feel like tires … can really do it, but here we are:

Collision of palm trees, where a player is able to pass through an object that they are unlikely to be expected to do.

Fruit explosion, the tweet that started it all, comparing how you can shoot individual pieces of fruit in other games, but Halo Fruit explodes… all of a sudden! The horror.

I’m not immune to the fact that these tweets are from the controversial CAPITALLETTERSNUMBERS console warrior accounts, although I find it rather amusing that Halo is now in such good shape where this is what is used as ammunition.

In the meantime, here’s what the people who make real video games are discussing, where such cross-platform rivalries don’t really exist between those who make the games. It’s a developer from Sony Santa Monica talking about how well Halo Infinite is when it comes to first person play and how hard it is to do. It’s quite a thread worth reading.

The obvious response to tweets from the “Halo Lacks Details” meme is that the game type and engine relay what you need to prioritize. In the fast-paced world of Halo multiplayer battles, it doesn’t matter if you can shoot individual fruits or if they disappear all at once. In reality, they do not need to be interactive to all. Destiny 2 comes to mind as a game that essentially has zero destruction physics in its PvP or PvE worlds, as it focuses on how your weapons impact enemies, not the world around you. And no one seems to care.

We’ll see how the campaign restart goes, which I think players were right to worry about a year ago, given how it looked. It wasn’t nitpicking, it was more or less the whole package. I expect similar improvements have been made to it, but no, fruit physics is probably not on the priority patch list.

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