Caliber Collision’s Paul Krauss Joins I-CAR Board of Directors

The I-CAR® Board of Directors on August 5 announced the election of Paul Kraussexecutive vice president of Caliber Collision Centersfor a three-year term by occupying the open collision repair seat of the council’s large MSO.

The board election process closed on July 25, and Krauss will assume his new role immediately following the August 24 I-CAR board meeting.

The I-CAR Board of Directors is made up of four representatives from the bodywork segment; three each of the OEM and insurance segments; and one each of education; equipment, tools and supplies; and related service segments. Additionally, the collision repair segment assigns one seat each to a single shop repairer; MSO (2-199 stores) and large MSO (200+ stores), and a headquarters open to any size entity. At the option of the board, up to four hybrid seats may be added for the required subject matter expertise.

“On behalf of the I-CAR Board of Directors, I am delighted to bring to the I-CAR Board of Directors Paul’s incredible experience and insights from his highly accomplished career with the collision repair industry as well as its services on the I-CAR Member Council,” said Kyle ThompsonChairman of the Board of Directors of I-CAR and Assistant Vice President, P&C, USAA.

“Paul is committed to maintaining our goal of operating a strategic board, representing the major industry segments served by I-CAR, while broadening and deepening the board’s insights and strategic advice over the course of the year. one of the most challenging, exciting and…

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