CARSTAR Owner Practices “Green” Collision Repair

April 25, 2022—A multiple CARSTAR store owner with locations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area brings a “green” perspective and process to collision repair, according to a news release.

Jason Wong became interested in hybrid and electric vehicle collision repair after buying a Tesla several years ago. Becoming an electric vehicle owner and customer gave him a new perspective and inspired him to incorporate more advanced training, tools and technology into his shops when it comes to repairing these types of vehicles.

“Many electric and hybrid vehicle owners don’t think about being in an accident, so they don’t have a repair plan in mind if an accident does occur,” Wong said in the press release. “But if you’re driving in San Francisco traffic, there’s plenty of opportunity for a fender bender to happen.”

For Wong, “green” collision repair goes beyond simply throwing things in a recycling bin. He believes in tackling the complex issue of effective hybrid and electric collision repair head-on, thereby improving service and safety for his customers.

Wong credits the resources provided by CARSTAR with helping him get there.

“The CARSTAR team helped us determine what was needed to repair the major makes and models we see on the road today and obtain OEM certifications for each,” Wong said in the press release. “They also provide the training and education necessary to keep our team members up to date with this rapidly evolving technology. Today, we have dedicated hybrid and electric vehicle repair areas at our sites to meet growing demand for these vehicles.


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