City staff recommend in-depth study to develop bicycle and pedestrian paths on residential collector roads


Palm Coast could move closer to developing a plan to make its heavily trafficked residential roads safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

At a city council workshop on Tuesday, August 10, senior planner Jose Papa and Carl Cote, director of stormwater and engineering, recommended a study to determine a comprehensive plan to make the 50 miles of collector roads residential areas in the city safer for cyclists and walkers.

The staff presentation followed a Cimmaron Drive neighborhood meeting held a week earlier.

Collector roads are typically 20 feet wide and present many challenges, including open ditch systems that take up space in the right-of-way.

Dad said Palm Coast was originally designed as a car-centric community.

“It all leads to residential collectors like Cimmaron,” he said. “It’s a system that we inherited from ITT, a system that we need to modernize.”

Cote said the options include consultative shoulders, which are in a pilot phase; add crosswalks; convert some streets to one-way roads, which would leave room for sidewalks or cycle and pedestrian paths; and replacing the ditch systems with another option for stormwater.

Advisory shoulders share the road with cars, so when a car is on the road, it yields the shoulder to pedestrians, but when two cars are on the road while pedestrians or cyclists use the shoulder, a car should stop to allow the other car to proceed.

Côté said the goal is to include funds for the study in the next budget with a final report presented to council by next June. Papa and Côté said staff would look to find external funding sources such as community development block grants to help with a master plan.

Mayor David Alfin asked what can be done ahead of the study to embrace cyclist and pedestrian safety on residential roads.

Côté said the city may add signage and fast trailers, both of which were done for Cimmaron Drive. He said city staff had also contacted the Sheriff’s Office to request additional application and staff were looking for a way to provide a safer path from Cimmaron Drive to the sidewalks of Palm Harbor Parkway.

“We will start to implement what we can,” Cote said.

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