Collision at CR 1300N and 300E sends car into pond –

The front end of this Lexus is submerged in a pond at the northwest corner of CR 1300N and CR 300E. The occupants of the vehicle, including two children, got out of the vehicle safe and sound. They have all been checked on the spot and will seek medical care themselves. Photos by Deb Patterson.

By Deb Patterson

MILFORD — A collision between a Lexus and an Acura RDX sent the Lexus into a pond Sunday morning, June 26. The crash happened around 10:45 a.m. at CR 1300N and CR 300E, east of Milford.

At least one person, an Acura passenger, may have been transported according to reports at the scene. Everyone else involved received treatment at the scene and will seek medical attention themselves.

After the impact, the Lexus left the roadway in a pond at the northwest corner of the intersection. The two children from the Lexus were rescued by the driver. They have been examined by paramedics and will seek medical attention themselves.

The Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Office is investigating. The sheriff’s office was assisted by the Lutheran EMS and the Milford Fire Department.

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