Deadline for Michigan insurers to issue reimbursement checks May 9

Hundreds of people have written 13 ON YOUR SIDE to say they haven’t received their checks yet, but insurance and state officials say there’s no reason to be concerned. the moment.

Auto insurance companies have one more month to send $400 reimbursement checks to eligible Michiganders. Insurers received the funds about a month ago, or about $3 billion in total in excess state funds.

Hundreds of people have written to 13 ON YOUR SIDE to say they haven’t received their check yet. Insurance and state officials say there’s no reason to worry about not getting your check just yet.

“I’m just surprised I got the check as quickly as I did,” said Deborah Villarreal.

The $400 refund checks have already hit the mailboxes of some Michiganders, like Villarreal which is covered by auto owners insurance.

“I got it a few weeks ago, and I was kind of surprised because I really thought they were going to go ahead and credit my insurance once it was renewed in May,” she says.

And there are others like Jill Young, waiting for a check from Meemic.

“We haven’t received it yet,” she said. “The sooner the better. But we’re used to it. Being the surname ‘Young’, we’re used to being at the end of everything. If they order ABC, we’re at the end. “

The deadline for auto insurance companies to send refunds by check or ACH deposit is May 9, and VTC Insurance Group COO and insurance consultant Brian Klein says larger insurers can be slower in their process.

“The heist could be various things,” he says. “When it comes to the difference between big and small, you might find that bigger companies can take longer. But again, it comes down to the technology that might be behind that company.”

While some speculate that the companies are holding onto the funds for as long as they can to collect interest, Klein believes insurers haven’t really had the money long enough.

“I just don’t think that’s true,” he says.

Michigan’s Department of Insurance and Financial Services released the funds in early March to more than 100 insurers, who must issue checks to 7.5 million drivers.

“So be a little patient,” says director Anita Fox.

She expects businesses to be at different paces. She says make sure your insurer has your current address and bank account information. The check will come from your insurer who insured you on October 31, 2021 at 11:59 p.m., if you are eligible.

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“If you don’t get your refund, that’s who you need to go to,” Fox says.

If you cannot get an answer from your insurer, you can find an FAQ page on the DIFS website. You can also call the service Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 833-ASK-DIFS (833-275-3437).

Several auto insurance companies issued statements to 13 BY YOUR SIDE about the checks, but declined to inquire about the status of the process or share the number of checks already issued.

“Farmers will begin issuing auto insurance reimbursements to eligible Michigan customers the week of April 11. Customers will receive their reimbursements in the form of a check in the mail. Customers with questions are encouraged to contact their local Farmers agent. “

“Citizens is actively working to get refunds to our policyholders as soon as possible before the May 9 deadline set by MCCA. Given the high volume of customers receiving refunds, we have implemented a phased rollout of payments which has already started and should be finished in the next few weeks.”

“State Farm is in the process of issuing Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association (MCCA) reimbursement checks to eligible vehicle policyholders before the 60-day deadline (May 9).”

“Eligible Liberty Mutual and Safeco Insurance Personal Auto and Business Lines customers will receive their MCCA reimbursement by May 9. Customers with EFT on file for their policy will receive their reimbursements directly to their account; otherwise, the customer will receive a check by mail.”

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