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Are you aware of the collapse? Do you know that humans are destroying our planet for human habitation? Do you believe that the modus operandi of our current civilization is the only way for humans to live on this planet?

Do you understand that “planning” as usual, living as usual, consuming as usual leads to probable human extinction? Continuing the massive extinctions of species already underway (it is estimated that we humans are causing the extinction of 200 species of life every day)?

Do you realize that humans are not in charge of the world even though we act like this? Do you understand that no extractive civilization has ever become sustainable? Do you understand that Nature has the last word, always has it, always will?

As serious as climate change is, do you understand that climate change is just one symptom among many that indicates that humans are living beyond the carrying capacity of the planet? (When Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world and the most powerful supporter of consumerism, returned from his “space trip,” he said one of the reasons for taking this kind of trip was that humanity can learn to go to other worlds and extract resources from them to bring them back to earth because the earth did not have enough resources to support humanity. Duh… ..)

Do you know that there are ways to live sustainably that would protect our ecology – the supporting structure of life?

Do you think we can continue to burn fossil fuels and release CO2 into the air endlessly? Do you believe that “technology” or the “market” will be able to maintain or develop human civilization ad infinitum? Do you realize that there are 8 billion people on this planet now – growing by 85 million a year – and that number tripled (by 2.6 billion) when I was born 69 years ago? That’s a lot of people and a lot of stress on the biosphere.

And do you believe that humans are inherently good and not inherently bad? That it is not humans who commit suicide, but rather the “system” by which we voluntarily operate that is killing us?

All of the above (and more) impact the overall Tullahoma2040 plan. But, so far, it does not influence the plan for the plan. Just look at the poll sent out: This new $ 200,000 “plan” is currently focused on the status quo – the kind of activities that have brought humans to this problem. The new plan MUST be about life, not business and MUST be different as it MUST take into consideration climate change and the potential collapse of our civilization as these crises have never happened to humans before: we have no experience / story to follow: crises cannot be ignored. Note that this is not the end of the world: with the right knowledge and actions, we can positively influence the direction of life on this planet, and that is good news. Tullahoma must do its part to mitigate these crises: thinking of a new path is essential to survive; the old way leads to extinction.

None of us have all the answers. But, we all collectively have the best chance of changing the way we live in a sustainable way, as long as we all have an equal contribution to the “plan” and it benefits us all equally. The “plan” can be the start of a process by which we can become good ancestors: our children are watching. As Emergency Planetary Technician Albert Bates (No Family Relationship) points out: The key is anti-fragility, regeneration and resilience: let these be our guides.

Let people decide how the plan will play out, and under what circumstances feedback will be given and received, and how long the process will take, what ingredients will be placed in the pie, and how the pie will be baked: a pre- the baked pie (that is, just look at the proposed survey questions for the “plan” to see the ingredients) only feeds those who have already put the ingredients; the rest of us can suggest seasonings, but will only get the crumbs at the end. A good plan will indeed be a “living” document. Not just in the sense of being modifiable over time (as TWC considers): our community plan must be a plan focused on “living”, including the protection of all the biological diversity within. If the current plan of the plan has to be restarted to achieve this, so be it.

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