Escambia firefighter has personal truck stolen

An Escambia County firefighter who was working overtime during the Thanksgiving vacation woke up Thursday morning to find someone had stolen his personal truck outside the fire hall.

Now Escambia County Firefighter Allen Harrison is hoping the thief changes his mind or someone shares information that could lead authorities to the truck and the thousands of dollars of personal belongings Harrison had to. inside.

“I don’t know who it was or what. But if they just wanted to bring it back, I don’t care. I won’t even lay charges. I just want my truck back,” Harrison told the News Journal. on Friday.

The black 2012 Toyota Tundra was stolen from Escambia County Fire Station No. 14 at 9350 Gulf Beach Highway in the community of Pleasant Grove between Wednesday evening and Thursday morning.

Escambia County firefighter Allen Harrison's Toyota Tundra, right, is parked in its driveway before being stolen earlier this week.

Escambia County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Amber Southard confirmed on Friday that the agency had opened an investigation into the theft, but could not provide further details on the case.

Harrison started working part-time with Escambia County Fire Rescue in 2010. He moved on to full-time in 2015, but often works alongside his duties as a firefighter to support his wife and three children.

“I had about $ 3,000 of tools in the bed of my truck because I do side jobs,” Harrison said. “That’s the main thing that pisses me off. The personal items I had in there, some that I can replace. Some that I cannot replace.”

He added that this week he learned that his auto insurance only covered $ 250 for personal items that were inside the truck when it was stolen.

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Harrison took up his post so another firefighter could go on a Thanksgiving trip

Harrison is assigned to the Escambia County No.3 Fire Station on North W Street and his truck had a sticker on its back window with his unit logo on it.

The only reason he was working at the Pleasant Grove station that night was because he had worked overtime so that another firefighter could go on a Thanksgiving vacation trip.

“It was parked outside. We don’t have indoor parking. There is no secure parking at virtually all of the fire stations. We just have open facilities,” Harrison said. “There’s no chain link fence building behind for something like that for us.”

The firefighter parked his truck in front of the station Wednesday before falling asleep at the station later that night. Unfortunately, his tools weren’t the only items he left in the vehicle.

“I had just had so much in there because we kind of live in our trucks, in a way, because we’ve been gone a third of the year,” he said. “It’s because of our schedules. We work 24 hours a day, then we go 48 hours. So we’re away from our homes for a third of the year, and that’s why I kind of keep over things the average person doesn’t keep in their vehicle. “

To make matters worse, Harrison had even more items in that truck this week than he normally would. His extra shift came after he responded to a fire earlier today and didn’t have time to empty his truck before heading to his overtime shift .

“All my street clothes and shoes and all that stuff was in the truck,” he said. “They had like an entire wardrobe, and I had just bought Olukai shoes, and they were in the truck too.”

The fact that Harrison wasn’t even supposed to be at Pleasant Grove station for the quarterback compounds the streak of bad luck.

“I was arriving late at this other station because we had a fire early in the morning. So I was only an hour late,” said Harrison. “I was supposed to be at another station, but I got called and then changed stations with another guy.

“There was so much going on, you’re like, ‘Dude, the dominoes just didn’t fall in my favor. “But they all lined up perfectly for that other person,” he said, referring to whoever stole his truck.

Anyone with information about the theft or the current location of the vehicle is requested to contact ECSO at 850-436-9620.

Colin Warren-Hicks can be reached at [email protected] or 850-435-8680.

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