FCSO purchases 15 complete mobile rescue systems for patrol cars to save lives



On Tuesday, September 21, the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office placed 15 full mobile rescue systems in patrol cars. The units are turned over to MPs patrolling western Flagler County where the rescue response may take longer. Additional units have been handed over to FCSO SWAT and ERT teams as they are often deployed in high risk situations.

The Mobilize Complete Rescue System includes a comprehensive set of medical supplies to help solve life-threatening medical problems. Some of the medical issues treated by this Mobilize Comprehensive Rescue System are severe bleeding, seizures, choking, hypothermia, fractures, allergic reactions and more.

The automated computer will prompt MPs to answer a series of questions to help guide the MP on the spot. This technology and equipment will complement the automated external defibrillator currently provided to each marked patrol car.

“Often our assistants are on scene first, and I’m excited to add this ability to help them provide first aid and save lives,” said Sheriff Rick Staly. “This capability will improve emergency medical response, particularly in western Flagler County. “

Flagler assistants are already trained in first aid and CPR. These units cost $ 2,100 each.

For more information on the Mobile Comprehensive Rescue System, visit: www.zoll.com/products/mobilize/comprehensive-trauma-kit.


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