First steps taken to develop a new comprehensive plan


(ST. JOSEPH, Missouri) – Residents of St. Joseph interested in the future of the community gathered at the Remington Nature Center on Tuesday evening to begin the process of developing a roadmap to get there. .

Representatives of RDG Planning and Design of Omaha, mandated by the city, were there to facilitate a discussion on the development of a new comprehensive plan for the city. The process included reviewing some of the city’s strengths as well as some of the difficult issues that need to be addressed.

“We’re starting to look at things like our infrastructure, our streets, our parks. Other The things about quality of life that we could look at are entertainment and that sort of thing. “

The overall plan will provide a framework and a vision for the city with an emphasis on priorities. public policies and investments on which the city must focus.

One statistic that RDG representatives shared with the group is that St. Joseph has over 24,000 people who work in the city each day, but come to their homes at night outside of St. Joseph. which can create big inconveniences for the city. .

“Most important would be the engagement they would have with your community in the sense of your volunteer organizations and your school districts and those things when they go out every day,” said Amy Haase of RDG.

Among those who participated in the discussion was David Stark, a native of Minneapolis who recently moved to St. Joseph. He had some interesting first impressions of the city.

“I’m just surprised how much art there is with sculpture walks etc., but I’ve also seen the symphony before,” he said. “There are big buildings and something happened, it looks like a bomb hit the place or something. You have a mixed impression.”

From the first planning lists created by the participants, the positive seemed to outweigh the negative and the group felt that the city had the building blocks to be bigger and better in the future.

RDG is continuing the investigation part of its work. They plan to have a draft of a new comprehensive plan ready for review after the first of the new year.

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