Giants vs Cowboys score: Dallas eliminates New York, moves closer to NFC East crown

There was virtually nothing on the line for the New York Giants when they hosted the Dallas Cowboys, before losing to their southernmost rivals in the NFC East with a 21-6 final that could have been much worse. After winning the toss and choosing to receive, a curious move that didn’t work out well for Dallas (it often doesn’t), Dak Prescott and the struggling attacker got off to a good start in the first practice, but saw him killed by penalty, leaving the field without points and asking his electric defense to provide the spark.

That’s exactly what happened, when All-Pro passing thrower DeMarcus Lawrence hit Mike Glennon and forced a stray pass that was wrapped for another interception by the unit – this time by the running back. Jourdan Lewis corner. Things quickly went downhill for the Giants from there, and while the Cowboys’ offense was again patchy and riddled with mistakes, it didn’t take much firepower to complete the sweep of the New York season, something that is becoming very familiar in this rivalry. Now sitting at 10-4 on the season while pushing the Giants to 4-10, it was mission accomplished for Dallas in Week 15, in a game that saw the Giants hope Jaylon Smith could save the day against his former team; and only two days after signing.

Bold strategy, Cotton.

It was a day the Cowboys once again plucked up interceptions in the air as if they were grapes on a vine, and having now moved up to third in the NFC rankings – due to the loss of the Arizona Cardinals vs. Detroit. Lions – there’s a lot of juice in their glass as they try to set the table to end the regular season (and the season, period).

Why the Cowboys won

Their offense needs to wake up and stay awake, but they’ll have to hope for better next week, but they rewarded the defensive effort with a touchdown from Ezekiel Elliott early in the first half to help set the tone, and in applying early pressure on Glennon to make up for his mistake with points. Several plays later, Glennon had the Giants within striking distance with the help of a crazed one-handed catch from Saquon Barkley that you’ll likely see in rehearsal this week, but rookie freak Micah Parsons made an unreal play to himself. take off the cover for a pass break on the third and 1 which limited Big Blue to just a basket.

From there, it was another week that saw the Cowboys defense dominate an opponent while their offense did just enough to help or not undermine their counterparts. Before the end of the second quarter, Lawrence made his presence felt with a forced fumble, recovered by Carlos Watkins, in a game that saw the former continue his All-Pro form when the injured reserve returned in December. Throw three interceptions from Glennon – grabbed by Lewis, Malik Hooker and Trevon Diggs respectively – and the Super Bowl-caliber defense in Dallas continues to lead them into the playoffs.

Prescott avoided throwing interceptions, and his struggles were exacerbated by good shots given up by CeeDee Lamb, but Dalton Schultz would shake off his bad block by hitting his eight targets for a team record in receiving yards (67) and a touchdown in a performance that left him with a steady hand in the air as Elliott and Pollard provided that ground comfort, and the defense bombarded Glennon so he was ultimately taken out of the game.

Why the giants lost

The game didn’t get out of hand from the start, at least not in the way the Cowboys would have liked, which hinted that the Giants were at least trying to leave everything on the pitch in hopes of upsetting Dallas. in one way or another. Alas, that was not the case, as there was little that went well for Big Blue in any phase of the game. Having scored just three points in the first quarter, they would score just three for the remainder of the game, meaning neither Glennon nor Saquon Barkley could find a way to get into the end zone, either in the air or on the ground, and that’s why the Cowboys didn’t have to light up the dash in this one.

The second quarter wasn’t much more exciting offensively, despite some random meaty play or two. A questionable decision to run on third and 7 in the red zone led to a placement for the Cowboys, keeping the Giants within striking distance, but the defense hasn’t finished treating Glennon as the backup quarterback they’ve got. It is. He received little help from his own defense, as Ezekiel Elliott and Tony Pollard combined over 100 yards at halftime and although they managed to push Prescott into making mistakes they took advantage. only one of them – a forced fumble in the fourth quarter by Lorenzo Carter who then recovers the ball.

But in the next practice, Glennon kicked off his third INT of the day, with Trevon Diggs using his 10th interception of the season to effectively steal any remaining hopes at the Giants regarding a potential comeback. This game went exactly as many expected for New York, and that’s it.

Turning point

When you saw Lawrence force Glennon to make this mistake that turned into an interception for Lewis, you thought it was going to be a long day for the Giants quarterback, and it was.

Game play

Barkley rarely fumbles, but when you get hit by a tank bad things can happen.

QB controversy in New York?

“Jake Fromm did more in a series than Glennon [has] the whole game. How was it not put in the game to start the second half? “- Jake Brown from New York Post Sports

And after

The Cowboys will prepare for a quick rematch with the Washington soccer team, hoping for a sweep in 2021, while the Giants try to get their own broomstick when they face the Philadelphia Eagles in the week 16.

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