Hamann protects Armenia Bielefeld after collision with Brunner

For Armenia Bielefeld, the result against Wolfsburg on Saturday was secondary. East Westfalen lost 4-0 to Lower Saxony but thoughts were more on defender Cedric Brunner, who had to leave the pitch on a stretcher after colliding with Wolfsburg striker Jonas Wind in the 32nd minute. Former national player Dietmar Hamann commented on the scene saying: “I couldn’t watch it.” Absolutely” skyWe all hope he will be back at the dam soon.


Hamann did not want to overestimate the sporting performance of the Bielefeld team, which had no chance after goals from Lucas Nemica (11 and 38), Maximilian Arnold (48) and Max Kroes (53). “I was paralyzed after this incident. That’s why I protect her today“The television expert explained. It was therefore difficult for Armenian professionals to deal with such a situation. You don’t know “if everything is fine”. So I played ‘the last 60 minutes in shock.’ Hamann continued: ‘I’m going to release the result today. Absolutely, until then, I hope there will be good news.

Arminia has already provided a cautious update regarding Brunner’s health during the game. The club said on Twitter that Brunner was “conscious” and in hospital. The club later confirmed it was “not a serious head injury”, but Brunner had to remain in hospital for observation. “You can imagine that Cedric’s health is now the priority,” Bielefeld coach Frank Kramer said after the final whistle. Captain Manuel Brittel explained: “He does something for you when you see one of your team-mates pass out on the pitch. Something like that can’t be ignored. I hope Seely recovers quickly from his service.

Still, Kramer let some criticism from his supporters shine through. “We still haven’t shown what we want to show,” said the 49-year-old. “And then he takes that back seat, but of course we’re going to analyze it.” Now it’s about taking “the appropriate courage” and “come together”. Car: For Arminia, the air is thinning after a defeat in the basement of the table. Next Sunday, leaders Bayern Munich (3:30 p.m., dazn).

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