Kamala Harris’ ‘invisible’ narrative is not only false, but a deliberate campaign to diminish it

NOTICE: It is incumbent on all of us to stop standing idly by while a roof is being built brick by brick to replace the glass ceiling Vice President Harris shattered

A new salvo in the campaign to decrease the status of the historic vice-president Kamala harris is to propagate the narrative that she is “invisible”.

Here are the facts: Since taking office on January 20, 2021, Vice President Harris has participated in more than 300 events. She held 116 other private meetings with President Biden. The press has attended rallies with Vice President Harris over 330 times. Yet even as she embarked on a high-level (and ultimately successful) diplomatic trip to Paris last week, which included bilateral talks with the president Emmanuel Macron from France, the media carried several articles claiming wrongly that she was invisible.

Make no mistake, the media and Harris critics aren’t just oblivious to her presence, they refuse to acknowledge her.

The “invisible” narrative fabricated by political opponents of Vice President Harris and stimulated by the media does not correspond to reality. This is a deliberate and coordinated effort to erase and marginalize the significance of Harris’ presence and his contributions to the Biden-Harris administration. This serves to deny him credit for successes while often suggesting that disappointments are due to his absence in combat.

By erasing his presence, critics of Vice President Harris are relentlessly trying to hurt his future prospects of winning the Democratic presidential nomination.

Vice President Kamala Harris speaks from the East Room of the White House in Washington. (AP Photo / Evan Vucci, file)

Harris’ critics are keenly aware that traditionally one of the vice president’s main tenets has been to play a supporting role without overshadowing the president. Critics also know that historically the reward for being a loyal deputy to the president is becoming the favorite, if not the designated successor, for the party’s nomination. With both in mind, the media and critics have used interest in the historic nature of Vice President Harris’ election as the first woman, black and person of Asian descent, to set expectations. unrealistic of its mandate.

Nonetheless, the portfolio over which Madam Vice-President took the lead made it clear that she was committed, and not backing down, in the face of high expectations and difficult assignments.

Vice President Harris has a substantial portfolio that includes COVID-19 racial equity, voting rights, foreign diplomacy, broadband access and the National Space Council. President Biden also credited Vice President Harris with being instrumental in lobbying for the passage of the $ 1.2 trillion infrastructure package. One can also see how several of the issues Harris championed as US Senator from California are evident in the spending priorities of the Biden-Harris administration.

Historically, black colleges and universities (HBCUs) receive unprecedented levels of funding, the disparity in maternal mortality among blacks is finally corrected, and the child tax credit is filed monthly; all of the areas Harris has focused on both in the Senate and now in the White House. The problem Harris faces is that the media that enjoyed an audience boon of the Trump train wreck malfunction showed little appetite for in-depth coverage intended to inform, not entertain, the public.

The skill is, frankly, too boring for the media, so it resorts to gossip and premature horse racing coverage of the upcoming presidential election.

US President Joe Biden (left) and Vice President Kamala Harris

US President Joe Biden (left) and Vice President Kamala Harris attend the Martin Luther King, Jr. 10th birthday celebration (Photo by Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images)

What makes the false narrative that Vice President Harris is “invisible” so insidious, yet effective, is that it conveys the “it’s not me, it’s her” message. This simultaneously relieves the media from the evil it creates by refusing to offer substantial coverage of the Vice President, and it prevents the public from holding the media and themselves accountable for the emphasis on tabloids and traps. clicks from policy coverage.

Harris’ critics also know how difficult it would be to combat the “invisible” narrative without eliciting violent backlash. Harris seeking a more prominent profile would be frowned upon in the West Wing and castigated by the same critics as “invisible” peddlers as being overly ambitious and self-growing.

While his detractors want to convince the public that the attacks on Harris reflect weakness, the attacks are actually the result of his electoral strength. In terms of potential successors to President Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris is unmatched in her electoral history. Prior to becoming the running mate, then-senator Harris received more than 22 million votes in her three revolutionary statewide victories; the most votes a previous running mate has ever put on their list. Together, President Biden and Vice President Harris won 81 million votes, the highest number in history.

Just as her detractors would have gleefully blamed Harris if the ticket had lost, she certainly deserves credit for helping the ticket succeed. Contrary to the claims of supporters of other prominent Democrats, the best indicator of general election success is not the primaries; it’s the general election. No Democrat other than Vice President Harris has managed to garner more than 100 million votes throughout his career.

(Photo by Win McNamee / Getty Images)

(Photo by Win McNamee / Getty Images)

Don’t think that because this “woke up” political landscape is now a derogatory whistle to anyone who believes in civic rights, anti-racism, and full black citizenship, this Vice President Harris is under attack because she can’t win. She is attacked precisely because she has already won and can win again. Factions on both sides of the aisle are threatened by its proven ability to forge a winning multiracial coalition. As a result, critics know they must work tirelessly over the next few years to normalize the idea that, unlike in the past, the outgoing vice president should not be the president’s successor.

While racist and misogynistic attacks are the club, “invisible” slander is the scalpel that attempts to dismantle Vice President Harris’ legitimacy and importance. It is incumbent upon all of us to stop sitting idly by while a roof is being built brick by brick to replace the glass ceiling that Vice President Harris shattered; not just for her, but also for black women and candidates who aspire to higher office.

Reecie Colbert, theGrio.com

Reecie Colbert, theGrio.com

Reecie Colbert is a political commentator and founder of BlackWomenViews Media, a social media haven for expressions of un-bumpy, unfiltered darkness. She appears weekly on the Roland Martin Unfiltered Show and the Clay Cane Show on SiriusXM UrbanView.

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