Launch your small business with this comprehensive course package

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Starting your own small business gives you the freedom to pursue your interests and build on your strengths, all on your terms. But when you’re starting something from scratch with a team of just yourself or a few people, it can be easy to feel disoriented or unprepared. Get ready to get your small business off the groundor upgrade yours with the Small Business A-Z Mastery Pack.

This set of nine courses and 188 lessons includes more than 15 hours of content on the fundamentals of managing a small business. Courses focus on marketing, entrepreneurship, and the steps needed to make a profit.

If your business is in consulting or coaching, check out three courses from Debbie Lachusa that focus on the subject. She’ll show you how to monetize your skills, find and manage clients, and build a sustainable business. As one reviewer wrote, “I really enjoyed this course and found it very useful.

Two courses from Nour Boustani cover the basics of starting and running your small business. The crash course in mastering small business skills anticipates the problems you’ll encounter and the mistakes you’ll make with tips for getting your business off to a good start. With an average of 5 out of 5 star reviews, The Complete Guide to Starting a Profitable Small Business identifies the most essential information you need to know to start making money from your passion and skills. Complement them with an entrepreneurship course by Nour Boustani that will help you get started and turn a profit, even on a limited budget.

Design a functional marketing plan with two lessons on branding and another on marketing. These highly rated courses taught by Nour Boustani will help you build buzz and build your name to promote your brand and business.

For a limited time, The A-Z Mastery Pack for Small Business is on sale for just $25. At less than $3 per course, this package will be a valuable and worthwhile investment for you and your business.

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