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Tubing the Animas River via

Click the link to read the article on the Durango Telegraph website (Jonathan Romeo). Here is an exerpt :

For years, several nonprofit organizations, government agencies, citizens, and other stakeholders have spearheaded attempts to improve the Animas River. But now it appears that these stakeholders are interested in merging their respective efforts under an SMP, which could better organize projects and increase grant funding opportunities.

“I think we could be entering a new phase of the Animas River,” said Laura Spann, programs coordinator for the Southwestern Water Conservation District. “(An SMP) could be a way to build a broader vision with all groups.”

Stakeholders are in the very early stages, just to assess if there is public interest in developing an SMP for Animas. In other parts of the state, the plans have been used to improve fish habitat, increase river access and restore riparian areas.

“These plans are specifically designed to look at the needs of a river basin, or part of a river basin, with respect to recreational and environmental needs,” Warren Rider, coordinator of the Animas Watershed Partnership, who leads the SMP process, said. “About a year ago we started thinking that now might be a good time.”


Once the organizers have completed the stakeholder interviews, they will draft a “scope of work” document that outlines what the SMP might cover. From there, it will depend on whether there is enough community support for the plan to progress to actual work on the ground. While much remains to be determined when it comes to the Animas River SMP, one thing is clear: creating one can have incredible benefits, especially as climate change and drought adversely affect the environmental conditions.

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