Maine Voices: Conviction for domestic violence murder does not bode well for women’s safety

Maine’s first domestic violence killer in 2020 was convicted in the dying days of 2021. And based on what has happened, it will be even more dangerous to be a woman in that state in 2022.

Newport and Maine State Police officers investigate the scene at 16 North St. in Newport on January 10, 2020, after receiving a call to 911. Frederick Allen Jr. had pleaded not guilty to murder for the murder by strangulation of his wife, Anielka Allen. Last month he pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was sentenced to 18 years in prison, all but 12 suspended. He could be released in seven to seven and a half years after being granted good behavior leave. Molly Shelly / Morning Sentry

Frederick Allen Jr., 42, of Newport will likely only serve seven years in prison for the strangulation murder of his wife, Anielka Allen.

The sentence, handed down in Bangor on December 28, along with the media coverage, echoes the domestic abusers’ playbook: minimize abuse and return it to the victim.

Here are the facts: Anielka Allen, 37, has been strangled to death by her husband for 20 years. Her body, found in a bathroom in their home, has been described as “black and blue” with no injuries “at all” on Frederick. She was about to graduate from college. His car was packed for the trip to leave him.

According to media reports, his post-traumatic stress disorder from military service was a factor in the obscurely short prison sentence. (Another assumed factor was the fact that he was a first offender. The first time his violence was brought to the attention of authorities, yes. But there is no way it was his. first criminal violence in marriage in two decades. Domestic violence often goes unreported!)

As for PTSD, why is it only touted in the case (mainly) of men who have served in the military?

A few days before Anielka’s death, she allegedly “smashed the glass of a framed family photo, then used a shard of glass to scratch her face from the photo.” If this isn’t a description of the stress and trauma of a soul-destroying marriage entered into at the age of 17, what is it?

And by the way, where are the benefits of IL for the countless female veterans of the one-sided war on domestic violence? This war is being fought in what should be the safe areas of our bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms. The enemy is someone who claims to love us. And this is a war we do not engage in.

A daughter of the couple said that half an hour before her mother was found dead, her father had her mother in a headache and she saw in his eyes how “he passes out when pushed to the limit. “. (Notice the word “push” – domestic abusers are great at making family members feel like they are triggering the abuse).

The blackening of the abuser, or zoning, is something that victims of domestic violence mention over and over again as cues for the actual horror movies that follow. In my opinion, this state is just another way to get and keep control and escape responsibility. Allen was aware enough during this supposed blackout to tell his daughter to leave the scene, so that he could continue on his murderous path.

Media reports on the case are interspersed with quotes from family members who misrepresent domestic violence and insult the victim, including “the love relationship (emphasis added) was “rocky” “and” he never raised a hand on her, but she hit him. “

Worse still the parody of justice in this femicide, he was pushed by a troika of women.

Judge Ann Murray had the power to impose a sentence of 30 years in prison for her conviction for manslaughter. The time spent awaiting trial and possibly “good behavior leave” is worth seven years for killing his wife with his bare hands. When Allen becomes a free man, he will still only be in his late forties, so many encounters await him.

Deputy Attorney General Lisa Brogue, according to news reports, said she was “happy” the case is resolved and respects the judge’s ruling.

Caitlyn Smith, Allen’s defense attorney, in fact said, according to news reports, “It’s a tragedy what happened with Anielka, but it’s also a tragedy what happened with Anielka. happened with Fred. “

But the cost of the most disgusting statement in the entire saga, and possibly 2021, goes to the killer himself. And in my opinion, that statement alone should have given him seven years in prison:

Allen told the court he didn’t understand why his wife wanted to leave him. And – wait – “I love her with all my heart.”

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