Michigan Auto Accident Repair: Here’s What You Need To Know Michigan Auto Act


Getting your car repaired after you have suffered damage in an accident can be extremely frustrating. On the one hand, the negligence of another person causes you inconvenience and potentially exposes you to higher insurance premiums.

On the flip side, you might not be sure if your damaged car or truck benefits from the highest quality repair services and parts from the repair shop that your auto insurer requires you to use.

The situation can be very similar to what people experience who have been physically injured in an accident. In the event of bodily injury, auto insurers will send road accident victims to “hired” doctors to perform what is called “independent medical examinations(Or IME) to find reasons to cut the person’s no-fault insurance benefits and thus save money for the insurance company.

Numerous car accident victims find that the same is true with some body shops: they are so beholden to certain insurers because of their need for a steady flow of business that repairs are motivated by what is good for profits and reducing costs. costs, but not what is good for their customers and their vehicles. The end result is that drivers pay top dollar for collision coverage, but end up with discounted, cheap, and substandard parts.

Even if your auto insurance company and / or insurance adjuster tells you – or strongly and repeatedly suggests – who they think would be best to repair your vehicle, you have the right to choose the repair shop. repair of your choice.

Michigan law specifically prohibits your insurer from “telling” you where to go to have your vehicle repaired:

“An automobile insurance policy and an automobile insurer and its employees, agents and adjusters shall not unreasonably prevent an insured from using any particular person, place, store or entity for the performance of any auto repair service or auto glass repair or replacement or product covered by the policy. (MCL 500.2110b (1))

To understand that the choice is yours as to which auto body repair shop to use, Michigan law requires your auto insurer to disclose the following information to you when you make a claim for repair of damage to the vehicle:

The sad fact is that auto insurance companies frequently neglect to meet their obligations under the law, preventing people in your situation from making informed decisions about how to repair damage to their vehicle caused by. an accident.

We recommend that people buy one of the two types of collision coverage insurance to pay for damage to the vehicle related to an accident:

  • Wide Form Collision Coverage: Your auto insurance company will pay for repairs to the damage to the vehicle, whether or not you caused the accident, and your deductible will be waived if you were 50% or less at fault for the accident.

  • Standard Collision Coverage: As with the general form, the cost of repairing damage to the vehicle will be paid regardless of the fault, but you will still have to pay the deductible even if you are not at fault.

Unfortunately, you really only have three options if your auto insurance company refuses to accept the repair quote from your chosen bodybuilder:

  • Try to convince your auto insurance company to increase their estimate

  • Try to convince your auto insurance to cover the costs estimated by the repair shop.

  • Get quotes from other repair shops

  • Tell your insurer that you are prepared to pay the difference between the estimates out of pocket.

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