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The bill would give Illinois certified professional midwives access to life-saving medications during childbirth and allow them to openly collaborate with doctors before, during and after childbirth, Belcore said. The demand for home births had increased steadily for several years, even before the pandemic, she said. The hope is that the bill creates more suppliers to meet this demand.

Belcore, like many Illinois midwives, is licensed in a neighboring state – in her case, Wisconsin. In Illinois, she can take doula clients, which means she can legally provide patient comfort and advocacy for parents, but not medical services. This bill will allow her to practice midwifery here.

“Illinois is taking an incredible step in addressing the maternal health crisis,” Castro said. She highlighted the work of advocates who recognize the importance for women – especially women of color – to have access to maternal care.

But the bill does not allow registered midwives to be covered by Medicaid.

In Illinois, many parents who use Medicaid to cover medical care related to pregnancy and childbirth are people of color who are often at higher risk for pregnancy-related complications: In Illinois, women black women were eight times more likely to die from a pregnancy-related medical problem. condition of white women, excluding mental health-related deaths, according to the state’s 2021 maternal mortality report.


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