More consumers are buying new auto insurance to save money: JD Power report

According to a JD Power report, more and more consumers are buying new car insurance in response to rising inflation and high gas prices. (iStock)

According a recent report from JD Power.

The rate at which drivers received new auto insurance quotes increased 11.8% in the second quarter of 2022, and the rate of change increased 3.6%, according to the Quarterly Shopping List Report. JD Power.

“Even some of the major carriers are taking additional steps to remain profitable in this challenging environment,” JD Power said in its report.

The most loyal car insurance companies are Amica, USAA, Erie, NJM and MAPFRE. On the other side, vendors with lower loyalty rates included Kemper, Progressive, ACG, National General, and GEICO.

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Consumers Consider Usage-Based Auto Insurance

As consumers consider switching auto insurance, they are looking to change their premium type to one with a usage-based program, the report says.

“As consumers seek lower premiums, they are increasingly turning to usage-based insurance programs to help mitigate increased mobility costs,” said JD Power. “Since LIST began tracking both purchases and overall UBI usage, we have seen a steady increase in adoption, especially by those in lower self-reported credit levels, a trend that is expected to continue as macro-economic pressures continue to impact consumers – especially those who are price-sensitive.”

During the first quarter, there was a 33% increase in the adoption of automatic telematics, according to Trans Union. This option allows companies to monitor consumer conduct to help determine their premium. The number of customers choosing this option increased from 49% to 65%.

“More and more consumers are on board with the idea of ​​using a telematics tool to improve driving safety, while reducing costs,” said Michelle Jackson, senior director of personal lines market strategy at TransUnion. . “Consumers are looking for lower premiums, better coverage and superior service from their insurer.”

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Consumers are reducing their driving to save money

According to a recent survey from Quicken.

As prices rise in the United States, many Americans said they have changed their daily lifestyle, including the amount of food they eat and the foods they buy, according to the survey. And around two-thirds (66%) also said they were reducing their driving time.

The consumer price index (CPI), a measure of inflation, rose 8.5% a year in July, according to the last report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). This is down from 9.1% in June, but still near record highs.

Gasoline prices fell 7.7% in July, offsetting rising food and housing costs, the report said. The energy index also fell 4.6% during the month, even as electricity costs rose.

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