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Photo provided A sedan crossed the tracks in Moundsville, putting it in the way of a saboteur descending the tracks. No one was injured but both vehicles were damaged.

Drivers of a car and heavy rail equipment escaped unharmed after a woman attempted to cross the tracks too late in Moundsville, resulting in a low-speed collision with a tamper.

Moundsville Police Chief Tom Mitchell said the collision occurred around 12:55 p.m. Tuesday. Mitchell said the woman saw the sabotage, which was moving at around 7 miles per hour, but did not appear to register that it was moving in its direction. His car was struck on the passenger side, sustaining severe damage, while the sabotage was also damaged. The occupants of the two vehicles are unharmed.

“A lady pulled up at the stop sign, and she didn’t register with her that it was moving, but it’s a slow vehicle,” Mitchell said. “… She ended up in the middle of the tracks and was struck by the (sabotage), which caused extensive damage to the vehicle, but luckily did not injure the woman.”

The sabotage belonged to CSX Transportation. A tamper is a machine used to pack ballast from a rail into place. Mitchell speculated that due to the tamper’s somewhat lighter construction, less damage was done to both vehicles than if a train had struck the car. He estimated the tamper to be around 50 feet long.

“The CSX vehicle has been damaged and will need to be brought back to the store so they can fix it,” he said. “There are wheels that go on the rails that are on thinner pipes so I think it took some of that and didn’t damage the car as badly as it could have been something stronger, like a locomotive. “

Mitchell added that the crossing displays appropriate signage around the area, including a stop sign.

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