Portable Storage Box Company Press Releases “A Complete Guide to Battery Storage”

Leaving the battery inside your device will cause it to quickly drain and leak, which is disastrous for your device.

Portable Storage Box Company has announced the release of its latest resource “A Complete Guide to Battery Storage”. This resource provides an overview of battery storage, offering tips for storing batteries properly, handling them safely, and recycling them.

Knowing the proper storage method is critical to the life of a battery and the device being used. When stored, batteries should be grouped by type and brand because batteries are manufactured differently and the chemistry of one type of battery can damage another type of battery. Batteries should be stored away from metal objects, as metal could shorten the life of a battery or cause a short circuit. When batteries become obsolete, consumers can recycle them at a home improvement store or specialty store.

Batteries should be removed from devices when not in continuous use, and once used, batteries should be kept separate from new batteries. “Leaving the battery inside your device will cause rapid draining and leakage, which is disastrous for your device,” according to Portable Storage Box Company. To store batteries safely, they should be kept in a place at room temperature and out of the reach of children.

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