Precision Fermentation Launches BrewMonitor System 2.5, Harnessing the Power of Automatic Sampling and Full Tank Data


Precision Fermentation, a leading provider of biochemistry technology solutions, announced an update to its flagship Internet of Things (IoT) based fermentation monitoring solution, the BrewMonitor system. This release delivers major advancements in transforming raw data into actionable fermentation performance insights, designed to help brewers make critical production decisions and prevent problems faster than ever before.

Leveraging the power of automatic sampling and comprehensive tank data, BrewMonitor 2.5 offers an array of new views and instant analyzes that streamline quality checks and tedious manual calculations, reducing the effort required to achieve the objectives of the product and the target lot. batch consistency, for brewing businesses of all types

“The new features in BrewMonitor System 2.5 definitely address two of the most critical aspects of brewing quality assurance,” said Jared Resnick, Founder and CEO of Precision Fermentation. “The first is faster access to the most critical daily fermentation data. The new BrewMonitor console dashboard was developed with a lot of customer feedback because we wanted to make sure we were achieving the goal with the exact information that brewers, QA staff and business owners have. need – on demand and with as little friction as possible. The second is to automate the transformation of raw data into actionable fermentation information. For example, the new Brand Analytics module looks at all fermentations for a given brand, performs the analysis for you, and shows exactly where new batches could go right or wrong, at a glance. The enhancements to this new version are an important step in our mission to continue to be at the forefront of brewing automation and quality management, helping brewers streamline their operations and freeing them up to create new ‘other great products.

BrewMonitor System 2.5 Release Adds Many New Features and Feature Improvements

  • The BrewMonitor console dashboard – More insight, fewer clicks: Developed with extensive customer input, this extensible, widget-based interface provides a consolidated view of the most important fermentation data that requires immediate attention or continuous assessment, including summaries of active fermentation, production alerts, recent fermentations, and more.
  • Brand analysis – Your QA control panel: This management module aggregates statistics from all fermentations for a single brand and displays key performance indicators from all batches, in a set of intuitive charts and dynamic visualizations. This fully automated feature makes it easy to identify lot-to-lot variances without any manual analysis required, helping team members diagnose issues and plan for improvements.
  • SmartClean, with more efficiency – BrewMonitor’s proprietary software-driven cleaning process is more efficient than ever. Each Sensor Hub now comes with a special immersion heater – taking advantage of the high water temperatures to reduce the time required for cleaning. The SmartClean Manager automatically tracks water temperature to ensure the best results in the fastest possible time, offering up to 35% overall reduction in cleaning time.
  • Push notifications and additional improvements – New “push” summaries automatically provide full views of the fermentation dashboard via email according to a user-defined schedule, without the user having to open the BrewMonitor Console application. Also included are customizable system-wide graphical views, performance improvements, and more.

BrewMonitor System 2.5 will be available in the fourth quarter of 2021. Go to for more information and to get started risk-free, or visit Precision Fermentation at the 2021 Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America in Denver, 9 to September 12, at booth # 3944.

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