Pregnant women who contract COVID-19 are more likely to develop serious complications, and the cost of car insurance is also rising – here’s why

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Jeff Bezos Suggests DC Public Library Honor His ‘Dear Friend’ Toni Morrison In His Place (After Public Outcry)

Bezos has donated $2.7 million for a literacy program that could reach around 42,000 children. Read more

Gay and lesbian adults are more likely to be vaccinated against COVID-19 – here’s a theory why

“Adding sexual orientation and gender identity to national data collection systems would be a major step towards tracking disparities.” Read more

Pregnant women who contract COVID-19 are more likely to develop serious complications

Researchers analyzed the electronic medical records of 14,104 pregnant women treated at 17 medical centers in the United States. Read more

Beijing’s Olympic fake snow requires at least 74 pools of water, but that may be underestimated – China pledges to reuse it

Beijing, where the winters are dry, is the first host of the Winter Olympics to rely nearly 100% on artificial powder. Read more

‘We could see cheaper flights across the board’: Frontier and Spirit merger could help cost-conscious travelers – with a big caveat

The impact of the merger on airline customers will ultimately depend on the degree of consolidation. Read more

Here’s a Bronco: The Raptor has huge tires, over 400 horsepower and pulls 4,500 pounds

If Ford really wanted to celebrate the Bronco America remembers, it had to lift it up and put on a set of ridiculous tires. Step into the Ford Bronco Raptor. Read more

The cost of car insurance is also rising – here’s why

Although customers have reimbursed an estimated $16.4 billion during the pandemic, various factors have created the perfect storm for higher car insurance prices. Read more

Why You Won’t See Tesla’s Cybertruck, Roadster, or Any Other Type of Budget EV This Year

The electric carmaker will spend the rest of this year keeping production of its current products as high as possible. Read more

This student loan forgiveness plan can lead to a ‘huge tax bomb’ and generate thousands in interest

The income-based repayment waiver plan sounds like a great idea, but those who get their debt forgiven will still face thousands in interest and a high tax burden.

“He was always a shady character”: My uncle asked me to sign a document saying that I had no rights to my grandfather’s land. I did not sign it. And now?

“My late father always told me and my sister to be careful of him.” Read more

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