Rogue Disposal driver will not face charges in collision that injured cyclist


CENTRAL POINT, Ore. – A truck driver with Rogue Disposal will not face any criminal charges in connection with a collision near Central Point in April this year that injured a cyclist, the district attorney’s office said on Friday. Jackson County.

The incident occurred on the afternoon of April 7, when officers responded to a report that a cyclist was struck by a Rogue Disposal truck near the intersection of West Vilas and Table Rock Road . Police identified the driver as Troy Ireland, while the victim was Kayla Jones, 31.

When police arrived at the scene, Jones was lying face down against the sidewalk, the prosecutor’s office said. She was treated on site by medical staff before being taken to the Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center. She was then transferred to Legacy Emanuel in Portland.

In interviews with officers, Ireland said he was unaware he had hit someone until he felt a lump coming out of an alley. Once he felt the lump he got out and realized he had hit someone.

“The deputies observed no signs of intoxication,” said the prosecutor’s office. “Mr. Ireland denied consuming intoxicants. In accordance with his employer’s policy, Mr. Ireland performed a toxicological test and a breathalyzer test to determine whether he was under the influence of controlled substances or alcohol. two tests came back negative. “

The prosecutor’s office said there was a juvenile eyewitness to the incident. She told investigators she saw Jones pull over, waiting for the Rogue Disposal truck to exit the aisle. As the driver spun, the front tire of the motorcycle got caught in the rear wheels of the truck and “pulled” her. The witness then reported seeing Jones on the ground.

MPs then reviewed surveillance footage from a nearby business, which showed the Rogue Disposal truck stopping outside the business and heading towards West Vilas Road.

“The Rogue Disposal truck waits for a while as traffic flows back and forth across the roadway,” the prosecutor’s office said. “In this area of ​​West Vilas Road there are marked cycle lanes indicating that bicycle traffic should go with traffic, not against traffic. Therefore, Ms. Jones should have ridden on the cycle path on the south side of West Vilas Road. “

In the video, as eastbound traffic begins to clear, the Rogue Disposal truck begins to roll out of the driveway. The DA’s office said Jones could be seen near the truck before slowing down abruptly. She is able to stop before hitting the truck, putting her feet on the ground. But when the truck turns, Jones’ front tire gets stuck in the rear tires of the truck and the truck rolls over Jones. The Rogue Disposal truck immediately slows down and stops against the sidewalk, the prosecutor’s office said.

A reconstruction specialist determined that Ireland had come to a complete stop before crossing the sidewalk and that there was no visual obstruction to his view. As a result, the reconstructionist concluded that Ireland “failed to exercise due diligence”, a main factor in the incident.

Nonetheless, the DA office found that Jones violated two state laws: not riding the bike path and recklessly riding a bicycle on a sidewalk – which the DA office said resulted in of Jones’ speed approaching the driveway.

“Ms. Jones had a clear view of the Rogue Disposal truck and had to slow down to a normal walking speed of about 3 miles per hour as she approached the driveway. In fact, Ms. Jones was moving at around 10.8 miles per hour. hour, probably causing it to abruptly stop too close to the Rogue disposal truck, ”the prosecutor’s office said.

The reconstructionist concluded that Jones’ actions also contributed to the collision.

Ultimately, the prosecutor’s office determined that there was insufficient evidence to support the claim that Ireland acted recklessly or criminally negligently, and no charges will be laid.

“The events of that day were unfortunate,” the prosecutor’s office said in conclusion. “However, they do not reach the level of criminal conduct.”

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