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No.7 Purdue opens his 2021-2022 season at home, against the Knights of Bellarmine, one of the nation’s most unique offensive teams.


Date: Tuesday, November 8, 2020

Time: 7 p.m. ET

TV: BTN + (subscription) NO THE GAME IS NOT ON TV

Radio: Purdue Radio Network (96.5 WAZY locally)


• Again, Bellarmine is running one of the rarest infractions you’ll see, one that relies on minimal half-court dribbling and virtually no ball screen. A Purdue defense that needs to improve to contain dribbling will instead see an attack that will move quickly, pass constantly, and cut continuously, a methodical attack that will test Boilermakers’ discipline and attention span then that it searches for faults.

(Watch the video below for more on Bellarmine’s “push the offense” attack.)

• Purdue comes out of a 86-64 exhibition victory Thursday night against the University of Indianapolis.

• While there was some post-game angst over some of Purdue’s defensive irregularities against U-Indy, some real offensive positives came to Purdue making 12 of 27 threes and only returning the ball six times. Five players scored in double digits while 10 played 16 minutes or more.

• Purdue will keep the same starting lineup he used in his two preseason competitions for his first game, with Isaiah Thompson on point and Zach Edey on center, as well as freshman forward Caleb Furst and returning guards. Jaden Ivey and Sasha Stefanovic.

Painter replaced Trevion Williams for Edey and Ethan Morton for Ivey to start the second half against Indy, but said the starting five will remain the same as the last game.

• Bellarmine – located in Louisville – has eight players on its roster from Indiana, most of them from southern Indiana.




C – 15 Zach Edey (7-4, 295, therefore.)

After a big summer, Year Two opens the season as a starter in a position where Purdue has two All-Big Ten players. Edey is ready for a breakout season.

F – 3 Caleb Furst (6-10, 230, Fr.)

The rookie forward takes over at 4 to start the season and make Purdue look bigger in his frontcourt. He was an elite rebounder in high school, but also shot all three really well in the preseason and impressed coaches with his perimeter defense.

G —23 Jaden Ivey (6-4, 195, therefore.)

The All-Big Ten preseason goalie is expected to be the Boilermakers top scorer this season and perhaps one of the best goalies in college basketball.

G – 55 Sasha Stefanovic (6-5, 205, father)

The Elder is Purdue’s top marksman and an integral part of what the Boilermakers do offensively.

G – 2 Eric Hunter (6-4, 175, father)

Hunter should be Purdue’s defensive tone, among others.


C – 50 Trevion Williams (6-10, 255, father)

How many teams have a returning All-American coming off the bench? Williams is just that, one of the best great men in the country. By all accounts, he had a very good offseason. Edey had a unbelievable out of season.

G —11 Isaiah Thompson (6-1, 160, Jr.)

Purdue’s No.2 point guard, Thompson is a Type 40-plus three-point shooter and well regarded by his coaches from a defensive standpoint.

G – 5 Brandon newman (6-5, 200, therefore.)

After starting most of the season last year, Newman ended the year coming off the bench, which was a tough adjustment, but he feels like he’s done now as he is entering its second season. He has the potential to be a sniper and a good defender.

F – 4 Trey Kaufman-Renn (6-9, 225, fr.)

The freshman brings a multi-faceted skill set to Purdue’s frontcourt and a punch that could find him a leading role in this overcrowded roster.

G – 25 Ethan Morton (6-6, 215, therefore.)

The versatile ball handler can play in three positions and has performed well this fall after a tough freshman season.

NOTE: Forward Mason gillis is suspended for the first two games of the regular season. First-year student Brian waddell will be redshirt this season.


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• Only in his second season In Division I last season, Bellarmine won 14 games and finished second in the Atlantic Sun during the regular season, and won one game against Army in the CBI. The Knights have won 10 in a row at one point during the conference season.

• The Knights haven’t played since a 90-87 exhibition win over Tiffin on October 28. Statistics

• Bellarmine’s offense will be a challenge for Purdue, but last season the Knights were one of the most vulnerable defensively teams in college basketball, finishing 293rd nationally in defensive efficiency, according to, and 335th in percentage of authorized goals.

Opponents shot just under 39% from three points against Bellarmine last season. Only southern Alabama allowed a higher percentage of points against via the three than Bellarmine (42.2 percent).

• Bellarmine played at one of the slowest paces in college basketball last season.



F – 0 Ethan Claycomb (6-7, 205, father)

He might be the guy that worries Purdue the most, as he’s a mobile 4 man who averaged double digits last season and shot 37% out of three.

G-13 Dylan penn (6-3, 190, father)

Bellarmine’s top returning scorer, Penn averaged around 13 per game last season.

G-25 JC Fleming (6-0, 180, father)

G-2 Alec pfriem (6-5, 205, Jr.)

F-30 Nick thelen (6-7, 220, Jr.)


G-1 Juston betz (6-3, 190, father)

G-10 Garrett tipton (6-4, 190, Jr.)

F-42 Curt Hopf (6-8, 220, Fr.)

G-22 Bash wieland (6-6, 205, Jr.)


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After the game, we’ll have a post-match press conference video, game coverage, analysis, our wrap-up video and final thoughts, as well as a Gold and Black Radio podcast a few hours after the end of the game. Game.

Stay tuned.


Bellarmine’s offense may be a nuisance for the Boilermakers, but the Boilermakers offensive should be something much more for the Knights.

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