The quest to save a critically endangered agave plant

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La Pelona Agave is native to only one mountain range in Mexico. There are very few of this endangered agave left in the world, but two are housed at the Missouri Botanical Garden.

Kristina DeYong


Missouri Botanical Garden

MoBOT’s blooming agave pelona stands over seven feet tall.

MoBOT is on a quest to save this endangered agave. One of his plants has been alive since the 1970s and another since the 80s, and now one of them is in bloom. This makes it a critical time for horticulturists to pollinate the plant to set seed. It also means that it is the end of the life of this plant.

Due to its very specific region of origin and human threats, Agave Pelona needs a lot of care and attention if the species is to survive. Jared Chauncey is one of the Botanical Garden’s leading horticulturalists. On Fridays from St. on the Air, he will discuss MoBOT’s efforts to keep Agave pelona alive and flourishing.

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