Three dead, three injured in Manhattan Beach collision – NBC Los Angeles

Three people have died and at least three others are hospitalized Wednesday after a violent collision involving four vehicles which closed a section of Sepulveda Boulevard for hours this morning.

Manhattan Beach Police Department officers were called at 9:46 p.m. Tuesday on Sepulveda Boulevard and Marine Avenue where the four vehicles collided, a Manhattan Beach Police spokesperson said.

Two men and a woman died at the scene and two adults and a minor were taken to hospital in unknown conditions. One of the injured was described as being in critical condition shortly after the crash, but no further details on her updated condition or the crash victim were available.

Christian Mendoza, 48, from Redondo Beach was in one of the vehicles and
died at the scene, according to the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office.

Katie-Jay Scott, 40, also of Redondo Beach, and a man in his 50s were
in another car and they also died at the scene, the coroner’s office reported. The man’s name has not been disclosed pending notification to his relatives.

The cars involved in the crash included a BMW, a VW and a Prius. One of the vehicles crashed into a nearby building housing the Coast Music Store, and Sepulveda Boulevard was littered with debris from the collision.

Pieces of cars were strewn across the street at the crash scene, as police began to deal with the collision and examine parts of the car nearly 200 feet from the point of ‘impact.

“Based on the catastrophic nature of the collision and the volume of debris at the scene, it would appear that someone was driving very fast,” the spokesperson told City News Service when asked if the speed was a factor in the crash.

Police believe the accident was the result of a chain reaction.

“The BMW collided, hit one of the other cars and it caused a chain reaction with the other cars involved,” said Acting Sgt. Wilbert Pereira of the Manhattan Beach Police Department of their acting theory. The investigation is ongoing.

The spokesperson said that it does not appear that any crimes have been committed.

No arrests have been made and the collision is still under investigation.

Traffic investigators hope video from corporate security cameras at the intersection will give a better idea of ​​how the crash happened.

Sepulveda Blvd was closed Wednesday morning from 22nd Street to 30th Street. Marine Avenue has been closed from Cedar Avenue to Oak Avenue due to the investigation.

Drivers have started using a nearby parking lot to try to bypass the closure, but police have asked everyone to stay out of the area if possible.

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