Wolcott Fundraiser aims to help car burglary victims – NBC Connecticut

Those of Wolcott are joining forces to help the victims of those who had their cars broken into last week.

The suspects have been arrested, including a woman who led police on a chase through Waterbury to Monroe.

The break-ins have led to a lot of cleanup and community support for those at the complex on Wolf Hill Road.

Kathy Flanagan decided to start a fundraiser for the victims, who had to pay out of pocket to repair their car.

“It was infuriating because they were all old people,” Flanagan said. “There were so many people who didn’t have insurance, who didn’t have window coverage, and those were the people I wanted to reach out to help them.”

So far, Flanagan has asked a few people to help her, and she hopes she has enough to give to those trying to move on after what happened.

“With friends there too, I wanted to help out,” Flanagan said. “It’s kind of a reward, it’s the way I was raised.”

Finding the right words has become difficult for Mary Szantyr. She was one of 41 victims who had her car broken into last Friday.

“I don’t think there are words, I really don’t think there are words,” Szantyr said. “I came here and opened my door and saw papers everywhere and looked up and my window was smashed.”

Flanagan tells NBC Connecticut that she has partnered with La Fortuna to host a benefit dinner for the victims. The restaurant will be selling take-out and delivery dinners on April 21 from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

For more information on fundraising, click here.


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